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2016 Members Poll

October 2016 – Members Poll

We recently asked some of our LiveTribe members for their thoughts on the questionnaires that we send them.

We asked a representative section of 1220 members for their opinions and whilst many agreed that it was nice to be incentivised with rewards, over 70% said that the main reason they joined LiveTribe was that they liked the chance to provide their opinions, with many saying that they felt that their 'Voice was being heard'. Over 50% also liked the opportunity to see new products and commercials before the wider public.

Their biggest grievance was that surveys were in general too long (16% in 2016 down from 25% in 2015) and repetitive (32% in 2016 down from 40% in 2015)

LiveTribe members are extremely engaged individuals (25% said that they wanted more invitations) with many interacting regularly with the LiveTribe Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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Australian Streaming 2016

October 2016 – Australian Streaming i-Link Research recently conducted a poll with n=1200 of our LiveTribe members to find out how many Australians use a streaming service such as: Netflix, Stan, etc. Here’s what we found out… Related October Stories: i-Link Members Poll i-Link Minipoll Surveys i-Link Noble Causes   Back to News

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i-Link / Livetribe Noble Causes

October 2016 – Noble Causes: Care 4 Kids Charity is important in our community and as such i-Link is continuing the LiveTribe Noble Causes initiative. This month, the charity in focus is Care 4 Kids. Care 4 Kids is about providing kindness to children who may be in a vulnerable situation. This could be due to domestic violence or a family situation. Care Packs will give a child something positive to focus on and to show them someone cares. i-Link has always been committed to combining online research with charity activities to give members the opportunity to donate to worthy causes. Our LiveTribe members donate thousands of dollars to various charities each year by sacrificing their survey reward points. This is just one of the many things i-Link is working on to help out in the greater community. Related October Stories: i-Link Members Poll i-Link Minipoll Surveys i-Link Streaming Poll 2016   Back to News

Adairs Survey 2016 – Prize Draw Winners

We are pleased to announce the following winners of the 2016 Adairs Survey Prize Draw. · Kylie Ursino from DALYELLUP, 6230 · Gloria Donato from NARRAWEENA, 2099 · Veronica Jenkins from NEWTOWN, 3351 · Dee Kirby from BOGANGAR, 2488 · Kate Simcocks from SUNBURY, 3429 Congratulations to the winners and thank you to those that participated in the survey. The winners will be contacted by email this week.

i-Link / Livetribe Noble Causes

July 2016 – Noble Causes: Paws for Thought

April marks the completion of our second Noble Cause! Since December, i-Link panel members have been donating their reward points to Paws for Thought (PFT). The group rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs abandoned in NSW pounds, saving them from death row and giving them a chance at a 'happily ever after'.

Later this month the i-Link team will be meeting with PFT to see how the donated money has been put to use. This is one of the many initiatives i-Link is undertaking to put something back to the community! 

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Talking Data

July 2016 – Talking Data At i-Link, we realise that the delivery of reliable data, on time, is of the utmost importance to our clients. For this reason, we don’t use automated systems to clean the data but give that responsibility to the Project Managers, all based in Sydney, who conduct checks manually. These checks, detailed below, are done during the pilot stage to identify the expected rate of poor responses and then again before delivering a final data file.
  1. Speeders – This involves comparing the average completion rate with the respondents completion rate. Rather than using a specific formula we do this manually in order to be able to look further into the responses of the potential speeders so we can identify if they have legitimately attempted to answer the questions within the survey.
  2. Flat liners – This involves looking at a list of statements which are rated on a scale and if 95% or more of the responses have been given the same rating then they would be considered to have not attempted to legitimately answer the survey. The context of the question is also considered in the event that a flat line response may be legitimate. For example answering ‘don’t know’ on the scale to a series of a statements they might not have an opinion on.
  3. Bad verbatim – This involves reading each of the responses to the open ended questions within the survey and determining if they have provided a legitimate answer to the question. Again the context in which the question is placed is also considered here. For example if they state they are an avid basketball fan but couldn’t name any basketball teams then their response would be considered junk.
You can ask Patrick or Scott at the below address about anything relating to data quality or i-Link’s services in general!  

i-Link – i-Discuss and i-Focus Update

July 2016

Our online qualitative research is delivered through i-Link's two feature packed tools: i-Discuss for conducting over-time focus groups and i-Focus for conducting interactive real-time focus groups.

We are happy to announce that we are upgrading these platforms to HTML5 which means they will function on not only desktops but also tablets and mobiles! This has been a long time coming and the final stages of testing are nearing completion.

The online qualitative tools developed by i-Link have been built based on the input and feedback of researchers like you. The result is intuitive systems that are easy and effective to use for both moderator and participant. Toolboxes and whiteboard elements can be opened and closed as needed, maximising full screen views of the discussion. Groups can include rich multimedia presentation via in-built whiteboards.

Multiple boards, users and groups can be easily managed via the moderator toolbox in either application. Topics, guides and posts are easily uploaded and managed via an intuitive point and click system. With integrated email, group management is a breeze. All transcripts can be exported in a range of formats including Word or Excel. Moderators can also easily view user activity summaries and email participants directly to ensure they remain engaged.

These platforms also include many other features including a range of setup modes for the i-Discuss over-time groups (channelled, sequential and ramble styles), They have a fully customisable look and feel, and for those that just want a simple professional no fuss qualitative board and experience our boards can be set up and ready for use in seconds. Both qualitative tools can also be linked to i-Question for incorporating additional survey components for a seamless experience.

If you've been thinking about conducting online qualitative research, Ask Patrick, Mark or Scott for a demo link today!

i-Link / Live Tribe Noble Causes

December 2015 – Noble Causes Care for the Coast, an Australian online community, is donating $1500 to a central coast charity organization, Care for the Coast. The donation is provided through LiveTribe’s initiative, Noble Causes, and it is going to be used to create Christmas hampers for disadvantaged families living on Central Coast. i-Link’s LiveTribe community team will be travelling to San Remo from Sydney on Monday, December 21st to meet with Care for Coast volunteers and to present the hampers to the families.

“The donation could not have happened at a better time,” said Care for the Coast founder, Gina Atkinson, “We are a grassroots organisation and while we can collect many second hand item donations, we always have a hard time raising funds to purchase necessities. With this donation we can create amazing Christmas hampers to as many as 50 families.”

The funds were raised by LiveTribe members donating their survey participation points and A LiveTribe community member, Kelly, nominated Care for the Coast earlier this year when the Noble Causes initiative launched.

LiveTribe Noble Causes focuses on hyper local initiatives that help LiveTribe members’ immediate communities around Australia. It allows members to actively participate in charitable activities by nominating and donating to personal causes.

Care for the Coast is the first LiveTribe Noble Causes beneficiary.

For more information please contact Reece Howard, Community Manager at LiveTribe 02 9262 7171 or

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i-Link Accreditation

December 2015

Just a friendly reminder, as a member of AMSRO, ESOMAR, and AMSRS, i-Link Research abides by the industry standards, guidelines and codes of practice prescribed by these industry bodies, including:

  • AMSRO Market and Social Research Privacy Code and the Australian Privacy Principles as detailed in the Privacy Act 1988
  • AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour and guidelines on the confidential handling and delivery of respondent information
  • ESOMAR Guideline for Online Research
  • AMRSO Quality Standards for Online Research (Access panels).

In addition, i-Link adheres to the Australian Anti-Spam laws, applying this on a global level, and holds the following accreditations:

  • ISO 20252, the international standard for social, opinion and market research
  • ISO 26362, the standard for access panels in market, opinion and social research
  • AMSRO Trust Mark – Seal of Endorsement  

Finally, in early 2015, we moved all our servers back to Australian shores. In addition, all our data is stored in an encrypted format and we continue to conduct regular penetration testing and security audits on the servers and systems.

If you have any questions relating to i-Link’s accreditations/standards please feel free to contact Scott or Patrick at –

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